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Homeschooling and activity levels – why I’m worried.

Here we go again with the homeschooling. Like everything in this pandemic it’s not easy but it has to be done. I’m a mother. I worry about my children. It’s natural. This particular concern is not so much about their education, their schools have been excellent from the very first school closure. No, this is a concern about their health. Actually, it’s a concern about the health of all school children. I’m worried. Children have become home workers and as someone who has worked at home for a couple of years now, I know how much effort it takes to do it healthily. I have a special interest in physical activity for good health, I’m seeing first hand, the plummeting activity levels of my three homeschooling teens and I know this will impact their health both now and potentially in the future. You might not think this is a big issue and that they’ll soon get their fitness back once lockdown is over. I’m sure they will but the fact that they will have had …

Project Allotment – an update

I blogged back in May about how we had taken a space on our village allotment during lockdown. It was a way to get us active, working together as a family and of course, grow some fresh produce to eat! So how did ‘grow your own’ work out? Did we manage to actually grow some vegetables? I’m pretty good at planting things but poor at getting them as far as our dinner plates. I badly wanted this to be a success. Seeing the other flourishing allotments around our little patch was encouraging but also rather intimidating. We’ve wandered round and looked at everyone else’s when it’s been quiet so we can get ideas and tips. So, how has it gone? Well I would say pretty well! We’ve had some successes and some failures. Courgettes – these grew really well at first and we harvested six big ones. We should have had twice as many but they went brown on the ends and just rotted. It had been quite damp and the flowers had gone a …

Project Allotment

Keeping your children active is sometimes easier said than done. I’ve always found that it helps massively if you do things together as a family. You’re setting a great example to your kids by being active yourself, there’s an opportunity for family bonding and you’re making memories too. It’s important to remember that being active doesn’t just mean doing sport. There’s endless things you can do which all count as activity that don’t involve kicking a ball or chasing after your children. I thought I’d share our latest project designed to help us be active and healthier. We’ve tried to take as many positives from this period of lockdown as we can and one thing that has sparked our interest is food. Not just baking and trying out new recipes (although we’ve done PLENTY of that) but a desire to look after ourselves better through what we eat. We’ve been using our local butchers for our meat and our milkman has been bringing potatoes, eggs and fruit juice as well as our usual enormous fresh …

Dancing Through Lockdown

My daughter loves to dance (I too lived to dance when I was her age). Lockdown has been a difficult time for dancers. Long practised-for exams postponed and dance festivals and competitions cancelled. The disappointment is huge when you’re 12 and all you want to do is dance and perform. In the same way that I’ve had a chance to consider my lockdown running and reflect on what positives I can take from this time as I run towards the future, it’s been a great opportunity to think about what dancing means to you when you can’t join in your usual classes with your dance friends, perform on a stage or compete in any events. I’ve always known that going to dance lessons is so much more than learning steps and routines. Dance brings so many benefits, particularly for children. I danced throughout my childhood and when I look back I can see how it helped me in so many ways. I know how hard it was for my parents to pay for my dance …

What's your perfect family holiday?

The ‘family summer holiday’ is a big event in our calendar. We work hard to make sure we have two weeks away because we find this makes all the difference; it really does take nearly a week for us to relax properly. It’s a very special time when all five of us are together, away from the routines and treadmill of school, work, after school activities etc etc. I think this is the same story for many families and it therefore generates a lot of pressure to make sure that it’s a success. Precious time, precious annual leave and very precious family funds.

Active Half Term Update

It’s been half term holiday for us this week and at the start of it I suddenly decided to set myself and the children a challenge. Shockingly, excluding activities which are done during school lessons, only 22% of children age 5 to 15 meet the recommended guidelines for daily physical activity and the proportion that meet them decreases with age. Boys are more active than girls, particularly in the age 13-15 age group. (Health Survey for England 2015). Despite wanting to give my school-weary kids a break, I set us the target of making sure that we were active and beat the recommended guidelines for physical activity for children every single day.

Join Us In Our Active Half Term Challenge

We’re at the start of half term week in this house. I know for some of you it’s not until next week. It’s February, it’s cold, windy, wet and generally pretty unenticing outside. I’m faced with a week of keeping my children occupied whilst trying to make sure they don’t spend too many hours on the PS4 or watching YouTube. I need to fit in some work. I also need to fit in my own exercise as I’m training for the Manchester Marathon. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I also want them to have a fun half term! I know how important exercise is for children. I’m setting us a challenge. We’re going to have an #activehalfterm. We’re going to make sure that we do more exercise than the recommended guidelines every day. Everyone is going to keep track of how many minutes they do and we’ll see how many different activities we can include. Here are the current Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines for children age 5 – 18 years. For …

My Top Blog Posts of 2017

I have big plans for my blog for 2018. I enjoy creating and writing posts and I want to use this amazing opportunity to help keep us all motivated to move. Whether it be an educational post, an interview with an inspiring person, a kit review or a personal anecdote, it’s wonderful to see the power of the written word. Comments and feedback, here on the blog or on social media, re-inforce to me that I should keep going – even when it’s hard to cram in the hours it takes to keep a blog running!

Top Six Essentials for a Cross Country Kit Bag

My name is Thomas. I am 12. I go to cross country races quite a lot now and have created a list of essentials that I need before, during and after my races. My races happen all around the North-West and sometimes across the country. You don’t want to arrive at a race realising you have forgotten something important because that can make you worry when you just need to concentrate on the race.