Award-winning author and speaker
Dr Juliet McGrattan
uses the power of running to help women through midlife and beyond.

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Running makes you feel good but sometimes it’s difficult

The power of running is undeniable. It has a positive impact on all areas of your life, including your mental and physical health. But, even when you know that going for a run will help you, it isn’t always that simple.

You may find it hard to run because:

  • You struggle to stay motivated
  • You’re too busy
  • You’re not making any progress in your running 
  • Your changing body as you age makes running challenging

When you’re not running regularly:

  • You can’t cope as well with all life throws at you
  • You can feel your physical fitness disappearing
  • Your running performance frustrates you
  • You stop enjoying running and start to wonder if running is still for you

Meet Dr Juliet McGrattan

From an exhausted, burnt out, working mum of three to marathon running health expert, running transformed my life. It changed me physically and mentally. Ultimately, it gave me the self-belief and confidence to forge a new career and have a happy and fulfilled life.

After 22 years in the National Health Service, I felt driven to leave my work as a General Practitioner to focus on sharing the transformational power of running. The combination of my medical experience and my love of running gives me a unique insight into not only what being active can do for your health but also the problems you face when you want to start and continue running throughout your life.

Whether you’re struggling with the menopause, falling out of love with running or just want some motivation to keep going, I can help. I want you to enjoy healthy running for many years to come. Read Juliet’s full story

What People Are Saying

Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health

Practical tips aplenty, encouraging self help and a positive attitude… and excellent resource for all women.
British Journal of General Practice

Run Well: Essential health questions and answers for runners

Run Well carefully navigates us through every health question we might have, and many we didn’t realise we needed to know… Compelling, essential and fascinating.
Esther Newman
Editor, Women’s Running

Run Through The Menopause Course

Thank you for showing me I am not alone and for giving me the confidence to make changes that will keep me running through the menopause.
Sharon, Course Participant


Thank you for presenting such a fabulous webinar. The feedback has been great. It was at just the right level for the audience we had.
Run Northern Ireland

Juliet’s step by step approach to healthy running

Juliet’s framework will help you overcome your running challenges and keep in your trainers whatever life throws at you.

Working with Juliet will help you to:

  • Enjoy your running
  • Make time to run
  • Feel knowledgeable and empowered to overcome running challenges
  • Make progress in your running 
  • Feel confident and full of self-belief
  • Stay motivated to run
  • Use running to stay physically and mentally well
  • Learn to use running as a tool to help you through the menopause
  • Keep running into old age, through all life’s ups and downs!

A message from Juliet

We often see running as an indulgence, something we do as a treat and we feel guilty for taking time to do it. I firmly believe that prioritising it and making it a necessity in our daily lives brings huge rewards to us and those around us. Midlife is a challenging time to keep running. The activity levels of women fall, at a time they need exercise more than ever. My mission is to help you keep running and set yourself up for a healthy, happy and active future.

About Dr Juliet McGrattan

Dr Juliet McGrattan is an international speaker, award winning author, educator and marathon running expert. Previously a family physician with a special interest in women’s health, Juliet has continued her passion for this subject as the resident health expert for 261 Fearless, the global women’s running network and for Women’s Running Magazine UK. Unafraid to tackle the more taboo topics of women’s health, Juliet now has a strong focus on supporting women through the menopause transition through her keynote speaking, corporate workshops and her Run Through the Menopause course. Her first book, Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health was awarded first prize in the Popular Medicine category in the British Medical Association Medical Book Awards. Juliet has delivered over 100 workshops and presentations, spoken on international stages and appeared on national television including the BBC.  Read more about Juliet

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