Information, tips and motivation to run well.

Become the runner you want to be:

  • Be a happy, confident and motivated runner
  • Overcome everyday health problems and niggles
  • Understand how your body works 
  • Find the right balance between running and life
  • Get your health information from a trusted source 

The problem with running

Running isn’t always as easy as just putting one foot in front of the other. Lots of health issues crop up along the way and you can find yourself:

  • Spending ages searching online and getting dubious or even dangerous advice
  • Trying to follow ‘one-size fits all’ tips when every single person is unique
  • Being inconsistent and struggling to run as much as you’d like
  • Swinging between feeling guilty that you aren’t running enough and feeling tired and getting injured because you’re running too much
  • Becoming a frustrated, demotivated runner who isn’t making progress

I’ve been there!

10 years ago I was facing all these issues. I needed to find a way to run that suited me. There was no way I was going to accept running wasn’t for me so I took action. I spent years learning, researching and helping others on their running journeys. I put my medical training to good use. Of course I covered many many miles too! I discovered that the more you know about your own body and mind, the easier it is to be the runner you want to be. Knowledge is most definitely power. My expertise has led me to become an award-winning author, international speaker, podcaster, Master Coach and health expert for running and fitness publications.

Praise for Run Well

Answers all the questions I always wanted to ask.
Vassos Alexander
Author of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

Compelling, essential and fascinating.
Esther Newman
Editor, Women’s Running

Run Well is a health bible for runners.
Nell McAndrew
Model, runner, author

Every runner of every gender, age, or ability needs this book.
Kathrine Switzer
Iconic athlete, author, co-founder 261 Fearless Inc

A fascinating tour of your own body for runners.
Joe Williams
Founder of UKRunChat

Friendly facts, myth busting and plenty of stories…
Anna McNuff
Adventurer, best-selling author

You can Run Well

I’ll help you solve those running-related health problems. Here’s just a few of the questions I’ll answer in Run Well:

  • Why do I get a headache when I run?
  • Do runners really need to do strength and conditioning?
  • Will running damage my knees?
  • How can I stop my skin chafing on long runs?

We’ll take a tour around the body, get in depth knowledge about how it all works and chat to a few runners on our route to find out what’s helped them too. There’s handy checklists for every body system and lots of motivation to cheer you on. I’d love to share it with you.

Meet Dr Juliet McGrattan

Juliet spent 16 years as an NHS GP before hanging up her stethoscope to focus on using her medical knowledge to help people get and stay active. After 13 years of running and numerous marathons she has a deep love and respect for the transformational power of running. Her first book Sorted: The Active Woman’s Guide to Health was named the BMA Popular Medicine Book of the Year. She is an international speaker, podcaster, Master Coach and Women’s Health Lead for 261 Fearless global running network and Founder and Director of 261 Fearless Club UK , a Community Interest Company which empowers women through running.

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