I wear a lot of different hats but running helps and inspires me in all that I do. I’m passionate about using exercise for health and well-being and trying to get the inactive moving.

I qualified as a Dr in 1996 and have been a GP since 2001. I also work for Public Health England as a GP Clinical Champion for Physical Activity in the NW of England. I love to write, putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) whenever I can. I’m the resident GP for Women’s Running UK magazine with a regular column, features and a guest blog on the Women’s Running UK website. I’m also the resident GP for UKSportsChat offering exercise related health advice through a guest blog and online forums.

I’m a qualified Leader in Running Fitness with UK Athletics and founded a running club for women in my village. I’m the UK Regional Manager, Master Coach and ambassador for the 261 Fearless global movement headed by Kathrine Switzer which empowers women from every race and background to find courage through running and walking.

I love to run, it keeps me sane and calm and means I can eat cake. I enjoy all distances from 5k to Marathon. I’m not a fast or hugely accomplished runner but to me that’s not important. Running and sport in general is all about fun. I want to get as many people up out of their chairs as possible and experiencing the joy and benefits that exercise brings.

Family life is busy as my husband and I have 3 children, a dog, guinea pigs, tropical fish and the worlds’ biggest pile of ironing.

Happy reading and happy exercising!

(Photo credit Horst von Bohlen)

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