The Active Woman's Guide to Health

Published by Bloomsbury 2017.

Winner in the Popular Medicine category at the British Medical Association Book Awards

Practical tips aplenty, encouraging self-help and a positive mental attitude... an excellent resource for all women.

The British Journal of General Practice

A book for all women who are or want to be active. Sorted addresses the common barriers that make exercising hard or stop women from doing it altogether. It's a friendly, accessible handbook that gives you a top-to-toe MOT to help you stay fit and well.

From wearing the right bra or exercising during your period, to recovering from illness or keeping active during pregnancy and menopause, Juliet's advice will soon have you sorted and on the road to health


Run Well

Essential health questions and answers for runners.

Published by Bloomsbury 2021.

Best seller on Amazon

The antidote to Dr Google all runners have been looking for. "Run Well" carefully navigates us through every health question we might have and many we didn't realise we needed to know in the first place... Compelling, essential and fascinating.

Esther Newman, Editor, Women's Running

Why do I get a headache after a run?
Do runners really need to do strength and conditioning?
Will running damage my knees?
How can I stop my skin chafing on long runs?
How quickly will I lose my fitness if I have to stop running?
What's the best diet for a runner?

Run Well answers all these and many other common health questions that runners ask. Packed with practical, realistic and sound advice on topics from head to toe, for all of the running community.