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My Top Five Blogs of 2020

It’s my annual blog post review! I love looking back and seeing what my most-read posts were. It helps me to figure out what everyone wants and what I should focus on writing in the coming year. This is my sixth year of blogging and I’m very proud of my blog. I aim for it to be both useful and enjoyable. It’s my little bit of the internet that I’ve created for you. A place where you can get good, sound advice and information on health-related topics. It’s also somewhere that I share what I’m up to and how my life is going, in an open and honest way. I always welcome feedback and ideas so never hesitate to comment or get in touch. The blog had a quiet start to 2020. I was writing my next book and there just wasn’t enough brain power or hours in the day to do much blogging. I picked it up again in April once the book was submitted to the publishers. It’s out in March 2021 and …

My Top Blog Posts of 2017

I have big plans for my blog for 2018. I enjoy creating and writing posts and I want to use this amazing opportunity to help keep us all motivated to move. Whether it be an educational post, an interview with an inspiring person, a kit review or a personal anecdote, it’s wonderful to see the power of the written word. Comments and feedback, here on the blog or on social media, re-inforce to me that I should keep going – even when it’s hard to cram in the hours it takes to keep a blog running!