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Barefoot running beach

Barefoot running and all things 'feet'

The one thing I’ve always disliked about myself is my feet. My toes are short and stubby and no amount of exfoliating and moisturising will stop my heels looking dry. I yearn to have feet fit for flip-flops and reclining barefoot in a spa. I would never subject a pedicurist to them, that would be cruel! I suspect years of ballet as a child including ‘en pointe’ work started the damage. Now I subject them to miles pounding the streets in running shoes. It’s no coincidence that I have 4 black toenails and ran a marathon 4 weeks ago. Over the years I’ve given them a really hard time. 

What's on my feet? Getting sentimental about trainers!

When I became a runner I found my eyes drawn to people’s feet to check out their trainers.  A similar thing happened when I was shopping for my first pushchair. Suddenly they’re everywhere and you become acutely aware of the diversity; the colours, the models and the matching accessories. The choice can feel overwhelming.