When I became a runner I found my eyes drawn to people’s feet to check out their trainers.  A similar thing happened when I was shopping for my first pushchair. Suddenly they’re everywhere and you become acutely aware of the diversity; the colours, the models and the matching accessories. The choice can feel overwhelming. 
There’s lots of advice on-line about how to choose the right trainers. My biggest tip is to go to a shop with a treadmill and an experienced fitter. I’ve had all my trainers from The Runners Centre in Lancaster. They’ve been spot on every time finding just the right fit for me. I get quite attached to my running shoes. I rely on them, we cover many miles and see great things together. I hate getting rid of them, I get every mile I can out of them and even then they end up in the cupboard under the stairs for a few months before I can part with them. I’m soppy I know!
At the moment I’m wearing Inov8 Roclite 275GTX for my trail running. They’re very light yet sturdy. They’re a good shoe for a mix of terrain so I can run a bit on the road and then hop on to the fields and footpaths. They’re cut low at the ankle which suits my feet and best of all they have a Gore Tex lining so my feet are ALWAYS dry. I head out with my dog across muddy fields and hose down both the dog and my shoes when we get back. Shoes come up great and socks remain dry- perfect.
For my road runs. I’m sporting this well used pair!
My trusty Saucony Pro-grid Ride 5s. An old model, this is my third pair! I love them. My feet feel at home in them as soon as I put them on. I’ve never had a blister. With the miles I cover I usually get a years running out of them which is pretty impressive. I find if I start to get twinges in my knees or hips it’s usually a sign my shoes need replacing. Looking at these I think i’ll be off on a shopping trip pretty soon. I just want to run the Mallorca Women’s 261 Marathon in them, they’ve done the training I think they deserve to do the race! I might treat myself to a new pair in time for  London!
Are you as sentimental as me about your running shoes? What’s on your feet? Do share…..
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  1. I ran for YEARS in Asics Gel Cumulus and felt the same way as you – loyal in the extreme. Then they redesigned them, and the new ones gave me this weird ankle pain… Eventually I went to Calder Running and tried out a selection of shoes that were so UNBELIEVABLY light I was barely touching the treadmill. GOSH. Ended up with a pair of Salming Speed (which are really far too cool for someone who runs as little as I do). They have a very flat profile, so they took a little bit of getting used to, but they are WONDERFUL.

    1. Top tips,thanks. Might explore when these finally give up the ghost! I’m sure that getting the wrong shoes is a common reason for people giving up running altogether. By the way I’m sure you’re way cool enough for those shoes!

  2. As a newbie I fell for the low price of Sports Direct’s nasty own brand ‘Karrimor’ monsters. I’m hoping to have gait analysis and some decent running shoes shortly but want to prove to myself that I’m going to stick with it for more than my current couple of months first. I also don’t want to be fitted with clodhoppers for the heavier runner so hoping to get my bmi down a bit before investing!

    1. Maybe a purchase will help to keep you motivated in an ‘it’d be a shame not to use them’ way. There aren’t heavier shoes for heavier runners and if you are carrying extra pounds I think it’s really important to get the right shoes. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

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