Today is the day! My second book Run Well: Essential health questions and answers for runners is finally published. When I handed in the manuscript in April last year, just as we were in our first lockdown, I never imagined we would still be in some form of lockdown when it hit the shelves! What a year it’s been. During this year I’ve used running more than ever to help me stay physically and mentally well and to cope with the stress that coronavirus has caused. I know other runners have too and it has been very heartening to see how many people have taken up running. Running has been a chance to be free, a valid reason to escape the house. I’ve never felt so grateful to be a runner.

I don’t need converting to the benefits of running, I’ve experienced them first-hand but what I have also noticed on my running journey is how often running causes problems and throws up questions when it comes to health. I thought when I was a GP that I knew a lot about health but once I started running I realised that I didn’t have all the answers, in fact, I didn’t even know what the questions were. You don’t know what you need to know until you need to know it. And when you need to know it because it’s stopping you run then you want the right answer quickly.

And so began my personal learning journey. Finding my way with running, learning about my body and finding out answers. Not only to my questions but to those from the people I was helping to run and from the online and magazine audiences I found myself advising. I ended up leaving my work as a GP because my passion for this mission became so strong and there simply wasn’t enough time to do it all. I still don’t claim to know everything! But I’ve put down what I have learnt in this new book, just for runners, just for you. I hope it will help and guide you on your way.

I owe huge thanks to all the people that have helped me because although it is my name on the cover it is very much a team effort. I won’t list everyone here but they know who they are and I am eternally grateful. The running community is a wonderful place and I’ve had so much encouragement and support at every stage of my journey. This book is gratitude for all I have received and I truly hope that it will help you to run well and enjoy running for many years ahead.

You can buy Run Well from all the usual places, in paper back and electronic form and rather excitingly, it will soon be available as an audio book but I’ll keep you posted.

If you enjoy it, please, please could you leave me a review on Amazon. I know it’s a pain but it honestly helps authors so very much.

Big hugs to you all.

Run Well

Juliet x

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