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Running and dogs; the dos and don’ts

I teamed up with my school friend from years past to put together some tips for how to deal with dogs you meet on your runs. Justine Schuurmans is co-founder of The Family Dog, a company that helps busy families to deal with all manner of doggy antics. It’s been an invaluable resource for my family as we got our first puppy. My children have loved their video clips and learnt so much about respecting our dog’s behaviour. What better person to give us runners some tips. I’ve certainly had some close shaves on my runs and I was keen to get her advice.

Here’s the link to my Women’s Running guest blog on the topic.


It certainly stimulated some debate on the Women’s Running Facebook page. Have you had any good or bad runner meets dog experiences. Who is to blame, the owners, the dogs or the runners?

Image: Janet Woodhouse

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I'm a former GP, mum of three, runner and health writer. My award winning book 'Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health' is available now and published by Bloomsbury Sport. I'm the resident Health Expert for Women's Running UK, the Women's Health Lead and Master Coach for 261Fearless and Director of 261 Fearless Club UK. On a mission to get the world moving more!

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