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I usually avoid anything that looks remotely like a chain letter. I spent many wasted hours writing those in my youth; I’m still waiting for the replies from the 500 other letter writers that were promised to me. I’m not superstitious so I don’t fear the consequences of not passing these things on; I often walk under ladders to show my kids it’s all nonsense and I lived many unscathed years at house number 13.  When I was nominated by Rachel at Ten Minutes Spare to share the 50 things that make me happy I felt rather differently. Suddenly I was ripping down the curtains in the bedroom, making dungarees for the kids and singing ‘My favourite things’ in a very loud voice. I’m generally a very happy person and saw an opportunity to analyse and share what gives me that lovely inner contented glow that often washes over me.
This feels like a very personal post and I’ve some hesitation in pressing the ‘publish’ button but here goes.
Here are my 50 things that make me happy in a totally random order:
1) A cup of tea.
2) The feel of clean sheets as you slip into bed.
3) Hearing my children belly laugh.
4) The first sip of chilled white wine.

5) When a patient asks me how I am.
6) Singing and dancing in the kitchen with my daughter.
7) A freshly hoovered house.
8) Family roast dinners on a Sunday.
9) The first snowdrops.
first snowdrops
10) A long soak in the bath.
11) Planning a family holiday.
12) Making lists.
13) Crossing things off lists.
14) Finding the little ‘I love you’ notes my daughter leaves around the house for me.

15) Being in the house on my own baking.
16) When my children help each other with a task.
17) Rainbows
18) Seeing my daughter lose herself in a dance.
19) When someone leaves a nice comment on my blog.
20) Being able to return favours to my friends; in fact ……..
21) My friends.
22) When the kids do completely random imaginative things.
23) My village.
24) A full fruit bowl.
25) When I’m making tea and my son says, “Can I help you Mum?”
26) Bluebells.
bluebells in wood
27) Just thinking about my husband.
28) Seeing blue sky through the skylight in the morning.
29) Running and ….
30) …..helping others to run.
womens running club
31) Getting to the end of the day and feeling I haven’t done too badly as a mum.
32) When my Dad comes to stay.
32) Ballet; doing and watching.
33) Long train journeys on my own.
34) Success.
virgin london marathon finish
35) Walking across the fields with my dog.
36) The smell of the sea.
37) Crunchy frosty ground underfoot.
38) Really really good food.
39) Making pancakes on a Sunday morning.
40) A night away with my hubby.
41) Catching up with very old dear friends.
42) When the children are proud of themselves.

43) Feeling in control of life.
44) When I make a positive difference to a patient’s life.
45) Chocolate and cake.
46) Gurgling rivers and streams.
47) Mountains.
48) A really really good haircut.
49) When the plane lands.
50) Life and all it throws at me.
These are some of the things that make me smile. I’d love you to share yours. I’m not going to nominate anyone in particular but if you’d like to take on the challenge then leave me a message in the comments below and let’s ‘spread a little happiness’!

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  1. What a fabulous list! That note from your daughter – just too cute! I wasn’t sure it would be your sort of thing but genuinely have been really enjoying reading about happiness. I’m all for encouraging everyone to have a go at writing something like this so you have a wonderful conclusion to your post too. I do know exactly what you mean about it feeling a very personal thing to write too. I still struggle a little with this and blogging in general – I love to write but in real life an fairly reticent. Anyway am delighted to have been able to read your list and glad it made you want to make dungarees and have a sing!

    1. Raindrops on roses and all that. I think when you blog you do let people into your life and blogs like this do give away a few secrets but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. As long as the secrets are your own! X

  2. Wonderful list. And you have captured that glass of wine perfectly! I am now completely lusting after a glass and am singing a medley of The Sound of Music in my head.

  3. I love this blog and is the second blog about happiness I’ve read recently. The ability to analyse our happiness and wanting to list the things in life that really make us happy, is so special. I love your list and it’s absence of material ‘things’, just senses, feelings and memories. Lovely! Xx

    1. Thanks Ann. I’m not sure why this blog posted on FB as it’s an old one but I’m glad it did as I enjoyed reading through my list again! Simple pleasures eh?! X

  4. A beautiful piece, Juliet.
    You brightened a dark day on the north coast and reminded me of how blessed we all are.
    Dad/Grandad Hugh

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