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Brantano Skechers trainer review

Brantano Skechers kids trainer

So, the lovely people at Brantano footwear asked me to review a pair of Skechers kid’s trainers for them. Only problem was there was someone in my house who felt he could do a much better job than me!

I think Thomas was right, do you?

These super cool trainers are available to buy from Brantano




div align=”center”>Fitness 4 Mamas


    • I know what you mean. Once you get those laces in how you like them you’re not going to change them. Maybe there’s people who colour match their laced with their outfits…. I’m not one of them!! Thanks for watching and commenting Tamsyn

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    • I’m very proud of him. He loved doing it and is super pleased with the trainers, he literally springs along with the memory foam. Thanks so much for watching and commenting you busy lady! xx


    • He’s a WAY better runner than me Mirka and beats me every time now! Lovely to be able to share the running and now the vlogging with him. Aren’t kids great!


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