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This isn’t a sponsored post. Bloggers are generally very open and transparent about how they’ve come by the products they’re reviewing. (look out for #sponsored or the more subtle #sp) It takes some guts though, to be totally objective about a product if you’ve been gifted it. We’ve all been brought up to perform the routine, “Thanks very much Aunty Dot, I love this  jumper” whilst smiling and wondering when the next charity shop collection is. Sometimes I just want to tell you about a product that I’ve bought, simply because I like it and I think you might too. I did this with my running dress from NuuMuu and now its the turn of a real gem of a find; my ZAAZEE sports bra.
We all know how important a good sports bra is to protect our delicate breast tissue. Gravity is hard at work and when you add high intensity exercise into the mix, those poor Cooper’s ligaments (which support the breast) really do need a helping hand. Like me you’ve probably tried endless styles, shapes and sizes to get your perfect fit. I’ve had bras that feel like they constrict my chest so much I can’t breathe! It’s highly annoying when one cup fits perfectly but the other is way too baggy. There’s styles that I’ve felt comfortable and secure in but I’ve had to perform feats of contortionism to get them on and off! There’s been super cheap bras that have been great but only lasted a few weeks and super expensive ones that just haven’t performed as well as I expected.
These days I want a bra that can go in the washing machine with all my kit, dries quickly, is super comfy, doesn’t cost the earth, has a long life and looks great with all my sports tops. Not much on the requirements list then!!
Meet my ZAAZEE bras. I have two. The pink one has a racer back and the blue one has a cross back. They’re compression bras so they flatten your breasts against your chest wall to stop movement. They retail at £32 for the racer back and £30 for the cross back BUT ZAAZEE often offer discount codes and deals so I didn’t pay full price for mine.


  • super soft material which stretches just enough to feel secure but not restrict breathing
  • Straps wide enough to give good support without digging in
  • absolutely no chafing, even on long distance running
  • great strong colours
  • flattering, stylish shape
  • minimal breast bounce
  • wash well at 30 degrees
  • dry quickly
  • look great with lots of my sports tops but particularly my ZAAZEE one (no co-incidence there!)
  • great sizing advice and customer service from the company.


(Excuse the bedroom selfie but I wanted to show how the bra looks from the back with my ZAAZEE top).

  • not enough support for larger breasts; the website says up to a D cup (I feel would suit large breasts for low impact exercise).
  • The cross back offered me less support than the racer back

All in all, I LOVE these bras. I’m now digging around in my drawer to find one as they’re my first choice, just because they’re so flipping’ comfy. Definitely best for smaller breasts, when you’re happy with compression to stop bounce and ideal when your bra is on show.
You can buy one at ZaaZee

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  1. Sounds like a great bra. I have a few sports bras for running but mine are all a lot cheaper and I can tell they are not great. I think its time I start investing in a better one 🙂

    1. I love them. I think it’s just a case of finding what’s right for you which can take a bit of trial and error. Worth looking after ‘the gals’ though!

  2. Great review! I’m a bigger breasted lady and have always struggled with sports bras!

    1. Thanks Morgan, these might not be the ones for you then. The model is apparently DD and would be ok for low intensity exercise. So hard but important to find the right one! Thanks v much for reading J

    1. Great choice too. I love the quality of the fabric of the ZaaZee tops as well. Think I’m getting fussy in my old age! Thanks for reading Joanne

  3. I’ve not heard of these before but as I am bigger than a D cup I stick to shock absorber. After trying a few others sometimes the support isn’t there for what I need from a bra #fitnesstuesdays

  4. Running bras are so important, and love the colours of yours. Sadly, these would not suit my “large” breast that need loads of support x Thanks for linking #FitnessTuesday

    1. Thanks for reading. It’s great that there are now sports bras for all sizes and shapes. I remember when there was only really one type of sports bra tucked away at the back of the rack! #FitnessTuesday

  5. I’ve tried quite a few different sports bras but not heard of these before, they sound fab for those of us that need support but are not too well endowed 🙂 #FitnessTuesday

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