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As many of you know I’ve become involved with a very exciting project. Well, ‘project’ is a bit of an understatement really because it’s a global movement!
261Fearless has been set up by Kathrine Switzer to empower women all over the world through walking and running. It’s for ALL women and hopes to reach even the most disempowered. I’ve blogged before about why it’s called 261  and about what the movement is all about so go and have a read if you want to find out more.
One of the most important ways the movement is spreading is by 261Fearless clubs popping up around the globe. There are now clubs in the USA, Austria, Germany, Albania, Iceland and the UK. My running club was the first in the UK and I’m proud and excited to take on the task of UK manager to help set up more clubs here. I started the ball rolling by hosting a Train the Trainer weekend in Manchester for women who had got in touch and were interested in starting their own clubs.
What a fantastic weekend we had!
A weekend sharing our passion for welcoming, inclusive, non-competitive running. Edith Zuschmann and Horst von Bohlen (the founders of the club programme) travelled from Austria to lead the weekend and to impart just a little of their extensive knowledge!
261Fearless Tran the Trainer group
One of the master coaches joined us from Iceland and so did candidates from all around England and one from Malta too! Theory and practical sessions kept us busy all weekend. The weather was kind. The food was great. There was a LOT of laughter too.
261Fearless training
Gather enthusiastic, motivated women who run, put them together for a weekend and magic happens! Everyone left energised and inspired and shortly we’ll be welcoming some more 261Fearless UK clubs to the movement.
261Fearless clubs
I’m off to Iowa in June to help lead the next Train the Trainer course there. Our upcoming UK course is planned for September the 2nd to the 4th and we’re in Dundee in Scotland. I’m looking forward to it already. If you’re interested in joining us or just want to find out more about the weekend then feel free to get in touch via this blog or by email jmcgrattan@261fearless.org We’d love you to join us on this adventure!
261Fearless running clubs
Photo credits (all): Horst von Bohlen

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  1. I can remember a little girl of around 2 years old, saying “must run fast, must run fast” when visiting from NZ all those years ago. Well done, Jules, you certainly are “running fast” my love, and achieving lots. We well remember those dark days of Thomas’s illness and are so proud of the way you all came through.
    Lots of love, “Aunty” Shirl NZ

    1. Oh goodness! Hello! Thank you soooo much for commenting. How funny is that memory of me! I certainly haven’t mastered the ‘fast’ but have conquered the running. Should have been “must run far”!!
      Those were dark days indeed and I love you for your support, it meant so much to us. Makes me cherish ALL my children even more. Thanks again and lots of love to you Aunty Shirley xx

  2. It was so much fun in Manchester… and it was so wonderful to see how the ladies enjoyed it. They will become great 261 Club leaders and coaches and will inspire other women to run, to socialize and to motivate their running groups!
    I’m so happy and thankful being part of this unique 261 Fearless community and cannot wait to continue this journey with you! Thank you so much for passion!

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