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What a week it’s been! I’m just back from a quick trip to Minnesota where I was teaching on the latest 261 Fearless Train the Trainer course. One thing that I can guarantee about these courses is that I will leave exhausted but also happy, inspired and motivated. There’s something very special about being with a bunch of women who want to do their bit to improve the world by helping other women to get active and start running. So much laughter, positivity and unity which is wonderful medicine in what feels like an increasingly divided world.
So what happened in Minneapolis and how you can get involved and experience a little of this fearless magic?
Running is a great way to see a new place so never having been to Minneapolis before I started with a sight-seeing run in the streets around my hotel (ps I can highly recommend the Westin Edina Galleria). It’s an active-person-friendly city and in many places there are separate paths for pedestrians and bikes which I think is a great idea. The Centennial Lakes Park was right on my doorstep and was a perfect place for a run each morning before breakfast.
Active women. drjulietmcgrattan.com
Then it was down to business in the board room at the hotel. I love meeting the new candidates on our courses; they come from far and wide. It’s also a chance to catch up with the other master coaches who share the teaching; over the last couple of years we have all become firm friends.
261 Fearless drjuietmcgrattan.com
It was pretty hot in Minneapolis but not so hot that we couldn’t enjoy our practical sessions. There was a perfect park a short run away and we could take shade under the huge trees when we needed to.
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
I really enjoy teaching. It was great to share my knowledge about how the female running body is different to the male and how you can specifically train it to reduce injury risk and improve running technique.
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
In the evenings we had a chance to look around the city. The food was a real highlight, everywhere we ate it was so fresh and it was really easy to eat healthily. The landscape is certainly different from my Lancashire village!
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
More theory and practical sessions followed. You can see the candidates knowledge and confidence increasing as the days go by. One thing that always happens is a LOT of laughter! We have some crazy games and drills that have us in fits but work us hard at the same time.
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
Strong bonds and friendships form through the course and what’s great about 261 Fearless is that they have a private communication platform where club leaders and members can chat to each other, share tips and ideas and get support and further education.
It’s so wonderful to have friends all over the world. Being part of this movement has really opened up the globe and been such an enriching experience for me personally. The opportunities it has created go far beyond just running.
261 Fearless drjulietmcgrattan.com
These amazing women will now go and start their own 261 Fearless clubs where they can help other women to find their strength through running. I did it and I know what a great experience it is starting a club, bringing women together each week and helping them to realise that they can run.
The next Train the Trainer course is going to be in London from Sept 15th to the 17th. Would you like to get involved? Have a look at the 261 Fearless website and click on the Join 261 tab, here you’ll find more information about our clubs. You can make an application for London direct from here or you can send an email to 261fearlessuk@gmail.com with any queries or further information you need. Think you might want to? Feeling scared? Just be fearless …
Photo credits: Horst von Bohlen (except the selfie and city scape)

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  1. Juliet:
    You did a fantastic job training the new coaches and the rest of the staff. Thank you for your hard work and knowledge. The five day meeting was a real treat to get to know you better. Now we are all on to taking 261Fearless globally. If anyone reading this knows someone in the United States who might be interested in starting a new 261Fearless Club or become a Coach, I hope they send you names so you can forward them to me!
    Until we meet again,
    Tracy Higginbotham

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