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I’ve got some exciting news! My Active Health podcast is back for a second season!

It’s hosted by the wonderful WiSP Sports and you can listen to it direct from their website, on all your favourite podcast apps (just type Active Health into the search) and I’ll be putting it here on my website too.

Season one was more generalised advice and tips for keeping active and healthy but this season is a little different. I’ll be taking more of a running slant and talking to runners and experts about the problems we face when trying to keep in our running shoes. I’ve got lots of wonderful guests lined up to discuss topics from motivation and mindset to menstruation and menopause.

I’d love it if you would join me, monthly, for some great running chat. Do let me know if there are topics you would like me to cover. Likewise, if you have something you want to discuss, share or are an expert on a topic and would like to be on the podcast then get in touch. Use the ‘Contact’ section on this site to send me a message or email me at contact@localhost

Thanks so much to WiSP Sports for being such good sports! They’re doing all the tricky tech stuff for me so I can concentrate on the content. And they’re sharing it on their global podcast platform. Give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get lots of podcasts, videos, blogs and news from the world of women’s sport.

Onwards with series two!

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