I’ve absolutely loved my blog this year. I set myself a goal of doubling the number of views my posts get and I’d achieved that by October. Goal officially smashed! This year I’ve tried to be more consistent and write a variety of different types of posts. I’ve continued the Active Woman Interview Series, added in a regular Quick Question feature and thrown in a few blogs about what I’m up to as well. I enjoy reflecting and reviewing the year has been such a pleasure, these are my five most read posts:

  1. How to Return to Exercise After the Flu. I wrote this in January 2018 when the flu was rife. It’s smashed all my other posts out of the park. It was interesting to see it getting lots of views from the Southern Hemisphere when they were mid winter and we were basking in the sun, with thoughts of flu far from our minds. It was this post that gave me the idea for my Quick Question Series to cover those everyday questions that it’s often hard to find the answer to.
  2. Dogs as Running Buddies.  A post that keeps on giving. I wrote this in February 2017 but it seems that there are still lots and lots of people googling ‘dogs and running’ and finding their way to my blog. I just read it back and it made me smile. I’m still running regularly with my canine buddy and have endless more cute photos!
  3. Sarcopenia – why you need to know what it is! I was so pleased that this post had lots of views. I’ve really come to understand the importance of muscle and how building and maintaining muscle is more than just about looking toned; it’s vital for our health. Healthy Food Guide Magazine got in touch with me and I created a longer version of this blog which I was proud to see published.
  4. So you want to start running? Here’s some Dos and Don’ts I often reflect how quickly you forget what you didn’t know. When I started running I made so many mistakes and I’ve learnt so much along the way. This blog was my words of wisdom to help others and hopefully stop them making the same errors! Ideas and tips to give the reader a successful start to their running journey.
  5. Following my Passion. Number five is actually the post that meant the most to me. Writing at a life transition as I officially hung up my stethoscope. I was totally overwhelmed by the out pouring of support. Reading some of the comments back now makes tears well up in my eye! I have absolutely no regrets about my decision.

So, that’s the top five! It’s been a wonderful year of blogging. Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts, comment and share on social media. I’m looking forward to another year of writing for you. I’m just wondering if I’m brave enough to set the target of doubling my blog stats again! I’ll leave you with my map of where my readers have come from. So amazing to think that someone in all these countries has visited the blog. I just need to find someone in Greenland!

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