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Unbelievably, one in three women leak urine when they cough, jump or run. This is called stress urinary incontinence (SUI). It’s a huge problem for women who run or those who want to run. It might only be a few drips but it’s just as common to be a whole bladder full.

I’m addressing this head on with my guest Emma Brockwell. Emma is:

Join us as we get deep into the topic of stress urinary incontinence. Here are some of the things I ask Emma:

  • If you’ve got away without any incontinence so far, does that mean you’ll be ok forever?
  • Does running technique affect bladder leaks?
  • Will strengthening glutes resolve incontinence?
  • What actually happens when you go and see a pelvic health physiotherapist?
  • How long is it before you can see an improvement in bladder leaks?
  • Do you have to stop running while you’re having treatment or can you just keep going?

There’s plenty more covered too so listen in below or download the episode on your favourite podcast platform. Leave me a comment on social media if you’ve listened in and let me know what you thought. Share, share, share with anyone you think might benefit from listening to this. We need to get this topic into more and more conversations to help women seek and receive treatment.

Listen to “S2E3: Stress Urinary Incontinence in Runners” on Spreaker.

Thanks to WiSP Sports for hosting this podcast. Head to their website and social media for all the news and stories from women’s sport around the world.

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