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Research evidence isn’t clear yet but it’s possible that as many as 43 per cent of recreational athletes might be affected by RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport). RED-S is a condition where there’s insufficient energy for your body to train and support normal biological function. This can lead to important consequences including effects on multiple body systems including the reproductive, digestive and immune systems as well as on mental health. RED-S can affect both men and women and may be accidental.

Come and explore this topic with myself and my guest Renee McGregor. Renee is:

  • a leading sports dietician with experience working at the London 2021 Olympics and Rio 2016 Paralympics, Scottish Ballet, Scottish Gymnastics, English National Ballet and many more…
  • a specialist in RED-S, eating disorders and female athlete health and performance
  • author of Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Bad, Fast Fuel Books and Training Food.
  • co-founder and Director of #Trainbrave and founder and presenter of the Trainbrave podcast
  • a speaker and writer regularly contributing to radio and TV
  • on Instagram and Twitter
  • a keen runner!

Join us and learn all about RED-S. Here’s some of what Renee covers:

  • What RED-S actually is
  • Who might be affected by RED-S
  • Why RED-S can be intentional or accidental
  • The important and widespread effects RED-S has on the body
  • When and how to get help if you think you might be affected
  • What orthorexia means.

It’s a fascinating and hugely important topic. As our understanding increases it’s definitely something we will be hearing more about. Get informed and tune in.

You can listen in below or download the episode on your favourite podcast platform. Leave me a comment on social media if you’ve listened and let me know what you thought. Share, share, share with anyone you think might benefit from hearing this. We need to get this topic into more and more conversations to help women (and men) be aware of it, prevent it developing and to receive advice and treatment.

Listen to “S2E4: Renee McGregor – Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport” on Spreaker.

Thanks to WiSP Sports for hosting this podcast. Head to their website and social media for all the news and stories from women’s sport around the world.

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