When you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s hard to see a way out of it and too easy to write off the day as being useless. Read my last blog with my best tip for when overwhelm strikes. I give you my emergency overwhelm mantra of JUST DO TODAY. I encourage you to forget the big picture and just focus on doing one, small, positive thing. I thought I’d go one step further…

I’ve compiled a Just Do Today List. Twenty simple things you can do when you want to stay positive and make progress in improving your menopausal health, but it’s a bad day. It’s a list for when the self doubt, brain fog and energy levels are all working against you. All of these list items are beneficial for you and your fluctuating hormones. Pick as many as you want, you’re still making progress if you only choose one.

Just Do Today list:

  1. Add some linseeds to your cereal or yoghurt.
  2. Go for a 5-minute brisk walk.
  3. Stand on one leg while you make a phone call.
  4. Do heel raises while you brush your teeth.
  5. Close your eyes and sit in silence for 5 minutes.
  6. Eat some juicy raspberries and blueberries.
  7. Take your vitamin D supplement.
  8. Ditch the trolley early and carry your heavy shopping bags to the car.  
  9. Stand up after you’ve been at your computer for 30 mins and walk around for one minute.
  10. Snack on some walnut halves.
  11. Drink a big glass of water.
  12. Go online and order a wobble cushion.
  13. Go to the upstairs toilet instead of the downstairs one.
  14. Pick up your home weights and do 10 bicep curls.
  15. Phone a friend and tell them how you’re feeling.
  16. Journal what’s on your mind.
  17. Make a hot drink and do ten squats while the kettle boils.
  18. Do some foot strengthening exercises while you watch TV.
  19. Add some green leafy veg to your evening meal.
  20. Get an early night.

Reading a long list can sometimes make you feel more overwhelmed, just remember you only need to do one! Which is easiest for you right now? Do it and you’ll know you’ve taken a positive step for your health today. Don’t worry about the bigger vision of transforming your health. That’s all about doing lots of small things anyway. You can make progress today by simply doing one. And tomorrow? Don’t think about it, it will take care of itself. Just do today.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and you are a runner in the perimenopause looking for help to keep running and healthy then I will be opening up the doors to my Run Through the Menopause course again in 2023. You can add yourself to the waiting list and I’ll send you more information when the course reopens.

Featured image by Tom from Pixabay

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