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Does your period slow you down?

running speed slow

There’s been lots of talk recently about how menstruation can affect an athlete’s performance. It’s not just the elite athletes who struggle.  Many women find their lives are ruled by their monthly cycle.  Leaving the house can be hard for some let alone donning lycra and going for a run.  Women’s Running magazine asked me to write about the topic last year and with all the recent coverage I thought it would be helpful to take another look at the glamorous topic of running and periods!

Image “Snail after rain” Robert Michalek cc Albuminarium


  1. Wise words, loved this post, I sometimes feel I have more energy during my period if in fact I do more exercise. I think you are right that monitoring your cycles and just going with the flow (pun intended) is the sensible way forward x


    • Thank you, glad you liked it. It’s not something that’s talked about that much. Really awful for some women. There’s enough things making it difficult to exercise without periods adding to the burden. Def good idea to get out during your period if you can. X


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