Hands up if you’re a perimenopausal runner. It’s certainly a challenging combination. The menopause symptoms of fatigue, hot sweats and aching joints, not to mention the lack of motivation, weight gain and sore breasts, certainly don’t make running easy! It’s hard to keep your running habit going and if you’re new to running or wanting to start, it can make it seem impossible. It’s really easy to let your running wither and disappear into the distance. Help is at hand though…

Run Through the Menopause

I’ve worked hard to help you overcome all these challenges so I’ve created a video course, Run Through the Menopause. I’m speaking from experience – as a runner, a perimenopausal woman and of course, as a former GP who has seen hundreds of women coping (or not coping) with the menopause.

I’ve devised a six step process that will guide you through this time of your life and keep you in your running shoes, and most importantly, keep you loving your running. I can’t wait to share it with you.

I first launched this course in November 2022 and I’m excited to re-open the course doors again on the 15th March 2023. It will be open for two weeks and I’m looking forward to welcoming a new batch of runners. I’d love you to be one of them.

An invitation for you…

As a reader of my blog, I’d like to give you the opportunity to help me re-launch my course and find out more about it too. I’m going to do this at a special live webinar. The webinar is called ‘Keep Loving Your Running Through the Perimenopause’. I’m going to share three important mindset hurdles that you need to get over in order to feel positive and confident about running during this tricky time. These are three things that you need to consider before going any further in your perimenopausal running journey. These are hurdles I’ve had to overcome personally and doing so has really given me the motivation and even excitement to keep running despite the problems that can crop up.

The ‘Keep Loving Your Running Through the Perimenopause’ webinar is perfect for you if you’re finding the perimenopause is having a knock on effect to your running, if you’re frustrated that your running is suffering or even if you just want to find out more about running in the perimenopause and feel prepared for your running years ahead.

As well as covering these three hurdles, I’ll be giving you the full run down of what’s in the video course and giving you first dibs on the special bonuses I’m offering along with the course. Get in early as there are ticket number restrictions!

The webinar is on Wednesday March 15th at 7pm UK

(I’m super fortunate to have a very global audience so this is midday PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm CET and 6am on the 16th AEDT and 8am NZDT)

Just click this link to sign up. Come and join me and let’s talk all things running, mindset and menopause! I’d be so grateful if you’d share this blog or sign up link with all your running friends who might be interested. Share on your social media, in your groups, at your running club, anywhere you can think of. Let’s get the topic talked about and raise awareness of the perimenopause and running!

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