run through the menopauase video course dr juliet mcgrattan

Menopause is such a ‘hot topic’ at the moment. And rightly so! It’s something that affects all women at some point in their lives. While many women move smoothly through this life transition, for others it’s an incredibly difficult time with severe physical and psychological symptoms that are barely compatible with a normal existence.

Running is a really useful tool to help you cope, manage and navigate the menopause. It can reduce some of the symptoms, help you maintain good mental health and be a powerful way to improve your future health too. BUT, the problem is that running can be hard during the menopause. So many of the symptoms of the perimenopause (time leading up to the menopause) aren’t conducive to running, or at the very least can put you right off! I’m talking fatigue, sore breasts and aching joints. Irregular bleeding, upset digestion and muscle pain. Throw in a lack of confidence and loss of drive that can happen too and it’s no wonder that many women hang up their trainers.

Remember when you were a beginner runner and how hard it was to start? Don’t stop your running now, don’t risk having to go back to square one. Know that even small steps add up and can make a difference to your physical and mental health. You might have to change things up, readjust your goals or develop a completely new relationship with running but it is worth it. It has so much to give you, despite it feeling extra challenging.

If you’re struggling with your running and are menopausal then I invite you to my Run Through The Menopause course. I’ll cover the basics of what the menopause is, explain what’s going on in your body and get you to think about how you can do things differently. I honestly just want you to keep going and not turn your back on running.

You can find out all the details about the course and how to join by clicking right here. Come and join me so you can Run Through the Menopause.

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