Autumn running is certainly serving me up some treats at the moment. We’ve had endless rain in the NW of England but in between there have been some real gems of a day. After rain, the air is clear, the autumn colours seem even more vibrant and there’s that lovely chill in the air which is just perfect for running.

I’m trying to run more consistently, every day if I can, but I’ve dropped my distances to make this doable and kinder on my body. I’ve been doing this since mid September and I can already notice a difference. I feel fitter and stronger and I’m definitely benefitting from a more regular endorphin boost. I’ve also found it easier to fit in my runs. Just aiming for 30 minutes on most days makes it more realistic for me. I can run early before work, in a lunch break or at the end of the day. Consistency really is turning out to be key.

I was thoroughly spoiled by Mother Nature this week. I had to drop the car at the garage so the kids got a lift into school (hear the cheers), and on the way back I stopped at the local cycle path. It makes a nice change from the hills which surround my house!

The air was heavy with mist making it dark and slightly eerie. There weren’t many people around but every now and then I’d spot a figure in the mist ahead – it was so atmospheric. I loved this section running through the trees.

Crossing the bridge over the river Lune I was reminded that it’s always good to look for the small things. See the world through a child’s eyes and really notice what is around you. Every now and then when I’m running I try to really LOOK. It always amazes me when I see that I would have missed if I’d just rushed past. Today was no exception. There was a wonderful set of spider’s webs on the bridge, they were heavy with water from the misty air and the light shining on them made them sparkle. Beautiful.

I ran about 2.5 miles before turning round. On the way back, with every step I took the mist was clearing, the sun was appearing and patches of blue sky started peeking through. It was as if the world was waking up and I was running with it. By the time I reached the Crook of Lune and crossed the bridge over the river again, I was rewarded with a stunning view. A view that brought a sense of hope and lightness to my day. We’re all feeling the effects of the second lockdown and the pandemic in different ways. It can be hard to stay positive with so much negative news and being distanced from friends and family. Running certainly helps. Not only does it lift my mood but it takes me outside and closer to nature. This view was just a reminder that there will be an end to this at some point and it will be truly glorious.

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  1. What a lovely post. It made me want to go and find somewhere new to run. I run near home and the ‘highlights’ include an industrial estate and a council estate. I do run past a lovely park, but I don’t run through it as it would take me off my course a bit.

    1. I was getting stuck in my ways and it’s been wonderful to explore a bit. I have another blog soon about a different run location. Sometimes my single run aim is to explore and to forget about the time/distance and it’s liberating.

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