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Why I Run – a photographic journey

There are so many blogs celebrating the benefits of running. Pages of declarations of love for the sport, claims of super powers and life-changing experiences. I could probably fill a book with what running means to me and how it has shaped my life. Rather than subject you to that I thought it would be more powerful to explain it in pictures. Pictures, do after all, speak louder than words. I always run with my phone and therefore I always have a camera. This is why I run:

For stunning views that are always differentIMG_1747
To be the first to see the seasons changingIMG_0295
To strengthen friendships and catch up on the gossipDSCF6839
To encourage others to runrace for life 1
To be a good role model for my childrenIMG_0467
For canine exhaustionIMG_0518
To see hidden gemsIMG_0428
For fundraisingIMG_1281
To let me indulge, often and guilt freeIMG_0482
For adventures and laughterIMG_1940
To race and succeedIMG_0241
For solitudeIMG_1770
and because I never know where the road might lead me…..IMG_0484

That’s why I run

Fitness 4 Mamas
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I'm a former GP, mum of three, runner and health writer. My Book 'Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health' is available now and published by Bloomsbury Sport. I'm a Champion for Physical Activity with Public Health England and the resident Health Expert for Women's Running UK and UKRunChat. I am the Women's Health Lead and Master Coach for 261Fearless and Director of 261 Fearless Club UK. On a mission to get the world moving more!


    • Thanks Stephanie, I really enjoyed putting them together and was dying to go for a run by the end! Glad you liked it #FitnessTuesday


  1. sarahmo3w says

    I love this so much! It sums running up so well. With that many benefits, surely everyone would want to run?!


    • I know! I do understand however that it’s not for everyone. Finding something that you enjoy is the crucial bit. Participating with others helps massively in motivation #running


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