Lune Valley

I had one of those special runs today. One that makes you so glad that you’re a runner. One that makes you smile all day. I wanted to remember it so thought I’d write a quick blog and  share it with you.
With all around me completing their long pre-marathon training runs it feels a bit strange to be writing about a run that was just under three miles! There was no carb loading, no preparation of kit the day before, I hadn’t even eaten porridge; just a handful of raisins and some orange juice when my son told me I shouldn’t run without having breakfast!
Sometimes the simple runs are the best.
Due to some work deadlines I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my children as I’d have liked this Easter holiday. Now the pressures off a bit I’m enjoying doing normal things with them like playing board games and kicking the football around the car park. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get out running and my son’s a great runner and was keen to come with me and try out his new trainers. As we stepped out the front door he helpfully pointed out that I matched the dog! Not a look I would ever aim for!
running with dog in high vis
We went crazy and bought her a high vis jacket this week. She’s never had a coat before and I’ve often thought we should be making her more visible for road runs. She wasn’t mightily impressed but she soon forgot about it once we got going.
We just ran round our local lap, 2.8 miles along country lanes with a steep hill in the middle. The sky was a brilliant blue, it was the nicest morning of the year so far. The lambs were skipping around the fields like puppies, the daffodils were holding their vibrant yellow heads up to the sun.
My pacers were on form and leading the way up the hill.
Boy running uphill with dog
When we got to the top we just had to stop to gaze around us. I’ve seen these views hundreds of time but today they looked particularly stunning. We had to snap a selfie of course. That’s Ingleborough you can see in the background; sometimes it’s covered in mist and cloud but today it looked as if you could reach out and touch it.
Run selfie with son
I don’t normally stop when I run but today I just had to keep putting on the breaks to say, “Wow!” and take another photo. Neither of us wanted to go home. We sat up on a gate and felt the warmth of the sun on our faces and chatted as we took in the beauty of the green fields stretching out all around us.
rolling hills of Lune Valley
Sharing a special half an hour with my boy, enjoying the beauty of where we live and stretching my legs after too many hours spent sitting at a desk recently just made this a run to remember. I’ve blogged before about why I run and this run seemed to combine so many of my reasons, all in under 5k. A run doesn’t have to be epic to be special . There doesn’t have to be a personal best, a medal or even a Strava upload. Sometimes the simple runs are the best.
Have you had any simple but special runs recently?

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  1. Just lovely Juliet!!! Made me smile so much reading that! Beautiful photos. You deserve it after all your hard work on the book! Love Bernie

    1. Tell me you don’t miss the area a TINY bit?! I shall post more such blogs to tempt you back! ….. the sun’s even shining again today 🙂 J xx

  2. Absolutely! I also think many think they can’t but they could if only they tried if you now what I mean. I’ve watched so many people discover they can run and it’s real privilege. 🙂

  3. Yep! With you on that, my kind of running, helps me to smile, appreciate, feel more centred and alive. Whilst still moaning & dealing with my shins issue, taking the photos gives me positive memories to share with others to highlight how incredible the running journey can be. Xx

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