Woop woop! I’ve been shortlisted in the Women’s Running Magazine 2018 reader awards in the Influencer of the Year category.  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and got me through the nominations and into the shortlisted round. I’ve never been shortlisted for an award like this before so this has made me super happy.
I’ve had so many amazing messages from people recently telling me how my work has inspired them. Many of these came after I wrote my blog about following my passion and leaving General Practice. Realising you aren’t happy, working VERY hard to change it and then making the leap takes a whole lot of courage. Women who feel stuck have written to me to tell me that seeing what I do has helped them to reassess their own lives. Women who have also made the leap have sent me messages to congratulate me and share how wonderful it’s been for them. For some reason I expected negativity and worried that making that cut would be harmful to my career but I can honestly say that I am busier, and happier than ever before and am amazed at the opportunities that are dropping into my Inbox!
I’m not after world domination, I just want to share the amazing power that exercise can have on all aspects of your life and help you all to enjoy and benefit from it. I know I can get a bit evangelical at times and sometimes you may get a little fed up of yet another exercise selfie but I’m cracking on! We’re in this together, we have one wonderful life, so let’s make the most of it.
Oh and if you could spare a minute to vote for me you can do so here. But if you don’t want to and promise you’ll go out and have a brisk walk for ten minutes instead, then that is absolutely fine by me!

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