Do ever dream about living a life which is completely different to the one you’re in? Do you wonder how others achieve things that you don’t seem to be able to? Do you get scared about pressing ‘send’ on an email and worry about the consequences? Do you feel up to what you have taken on? Maybe you don’t put yourself forward in the first place for fear of getting it wrong? We’ve all been there! We’re all human. Fear can hold us back from so many things, from creating the future we want and from enjoying the life that we are actually living. But it doesn’t have to. You can face fear, turn around what it means to you and use it to help you succeed.

I’ve been working on a new project with 261 Fearless called the 261 Fearless Forward Wom-inar Series. A compilation of webinars designed to help you overcome fear. Alongside three outstanding women, we’ll tell you about our personal journeys and then delve deeper into how simply moving your body can help you transform your life. Looking at health, community and education we’ll explore the world of women today, figure out how fear holds us back and propose what we can do to change that.

It’s a series designed to give you advice, tips and inspiration for your own journey, whether that’s in your personal or business life. It doesn’t matter if you’re inactive or already doing lots of exercise, there’s motivation, encouragement and information for everyone. Come and learn from the experts!

The series ends with a live and interactive forum with the expert speakers on March 7th 2021, where you can share what you’ve learnt and ask questions too.

You can sign up for the full series or each webinar as a stand-alone too. Just head to the 261 Fearless Forward Webinar page.

In webinar one I’ll be sharing my own journey and discussing what fear is NOT. Then in webinar three I’ll be looking at the health of women today and how good health and being fearless go hand in hand.

Come and join us and take your first step to a life without the limits that fear places on you. Be fearless.

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