I always love this time of year and the opportunity it gives me to reflect on the whole year. This is my ninth year of blogging and I’m still learning all the time. I do keep an eye on my blog stats regularly so I tend to know what people are reading but it’s always fun to see what the top 10 is and share it with you. It also helps me to figure out what everyone wants to know and what I should be writing more about.

It’s important to know that by far the hugest source of people coming to my blog come to it via search engines. They ‘google’ a question or a few words and my blog post is one of the options that comes up. A small minority come from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (X). Then it’s readers referred by other organisations who have shared my work such as Women’s Running Magazine, Scottish Athletics and Netdoctor.

Thank you so much if you have been a reader this year. I genuinely mean that! I’m always open to hearing what you would like me to write about so never hesitate to get in touch.

Here are the Top 10 running blogs that you’ve all been reading this year on my website:

  1. Why do I feel cold after I run?
  2. The Toxic Ten: What it is and how to get past it.
  3. Spitting and Running.
  4. Why do I feel faint after a run?
  5. How to return to exercise after the flu
  6. Why do my eyes water when I run?
  7. Can running cause cystitis?
  8. Why is my face so red when I run?
  9. Why do my fingers go cold, white and numb when I run?
  10. How soon can I run again after a marathon?

I hope there might be something there to interest you or help you on your running journey. If you’re reading the list and they all sound good to you, why not sign up for my weekly newsletter? It’s full of running tips and advice for women runners in midlife, those navigating the menopause and those just before or beyond it too. That way you won’t miss a blog post and it will come straight into your inbox. Come and join hundreds of women and be part of my newsletter gang! You can sign up below.

Wishing you all the very best for 2024. Take care and run well!

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