Well, there have certainly be some challenges thrown at all of us when it comes to getting out and keeping active over the last few weeks haven’t there?! My first update was five weeks ago. Since then, the miles have cranked up and so has the wind speed, the weather warnings, germ level and the general business of my life! I know full well that how I do on marathon day will be determined by my ability to just keep going despite the obstacles that are thrown at me. I also know that I am only human, that putting too much pressure on myself can be detrimental and that everyone standing on that marathon start line will have faced their own challenges too. It’s easy to get caught up thinking that everyone else has had the perfect preparation and ticked off all the runs on their plan, slept enough, stretched every week and has a core of steel. That is never going to be the case. There will be people who have had a better lead up than me and those that have had a worse one, but all will be feeling that there are things they could have done better.
I’m doing OK. Just OK. Not better than OK. I’m not seeing my speed improve. I had a cold, my kids were ill in succession, my work diary took over, I had a motivation dip and the weather, well, that’s just made everything harder. But not impossible.
That’s the negatives. There have been many positives too.
I haven’t missed a long run. I know these are probably the most important element on the plan so I’ve prioritised these over other runs when time has been tight. I’ve run in some new places, including cashing in my Christmas present from my husband – a trail running weekend in the Lake District with a stay at one of my favourite hotels in the world. Armathwaite Hall Hotel is where we had our wedding reception many moons ago and is my ‘special place’. Soaking in the outdoor jacuzzi with a glass of prosecco after a long run in the hills, followed by a slap up meal, is my idea of complete heaven!  I’ve run with my kids, my husband and with friends. I’ve been listening to some great podcasts whilst on the indoor turbo trainer (static bike) and I’ve been really getting to grips with strengthening my glutes to improve my running technique.
As usual, the support and motivation from fellow runners on social media has been wonderful; it makes such a difference.
Here’s the last five weeks in photos:

I know that it’s important to enjoy the journey of a marathon training plan and I’m certainly doing that. There is however a voice from the back seat asking, “Are we nearly there yet?” I shall just reply with my usual, “We’re nearer than we were when we started and it’s just round the next big bend!”
How are you getting on with your training? How have you coped with the challenges thrown at you?

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  1. Hi there Juliet,
    I feel pretty much the same as you, training is going OK. The weekend before last I was feeling brilliant, I’d done a great 16 miler (not fast but enjoyable) and then went into a week long taper before a mid-training half marathon that was scheduled for today. Needless to say that due to the weather the race was cancelled and it left me feeling a bit lost as it wasn’t ‘part of the plan’. So after a day of moping I decided to pull myself together and just make a new plan. I got out there today for a lovely long run and felt so much better. It this past week’s taught me anything it’s to keep things flexible.
    Hope you have a great running week ahead.

  2. It’s good to hear you’re doing OK! You’ve certainly run in some scenic places over the last few weeks. Good luck with getting round that next big bend!

  3. Great to read your latest updates. We are on the same boat, just a month away for me. I am excited, and love all the training, but like you also cannot wait for the actual day and the be back to “normal” running routines 😉 Good luck hun xxx

  4. I was doing great last month, did the half marathon of SãoPaulo and two long runs of more than 21k, but my right foot hurts now and I am very worried about it. Anyway, had to retrieve today at 7.2k, but feeling more confident today after stretching and laying my foot rest on salty water, I will try tomorrow and see how it is going, if still hurts, going to a doctor.

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