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Let me introduce the SlimClip iPhone case. I’m sure many of you will identify with the problems I was having. I needed to find the best iPhone case for running.
I love my iPhone BUT when the iPhone got bigger it created a problem for me. How could I go running with an iPhone 6? I could just about squeeze my old iPhone into some of the zip pockets on my running gear and it was a snug fit into my long distance running belt. The iPhone6 however just wasn’t going to fit. The only running belt it would go into was my FlipBelt which I love but I don’t want to wear a belt if I’m just doing a quick 5 or 10k, particularly in the summer when I’m in a running dress or shorts and vest top. I do however want to carry my phone on EVERY run for safety and photography.
It became a real bugbear. I didn’t like the idea of attaching my phone to my upper arm. My friend shoves hers in her bra but mine would just end up on the floor! There were runs when I just carried my phone in my hand which is far from ideal!
Then the Wonderful Things Company contacted me and asked me if I would review their Slim Clip Case, specifically designed to get around this problem. I was quite happy with the case I had, I’d splashed out on quite an expensive one to protect my phone from bumps and drops. However, I REALLY wanted to solve the ‘running with an iPhone6’ issue so I said I’d give it a try.
What’s the SlimClip Case all about?
This is a case which fits onto the waistband of your work-out gear removing the need for pockets, belts or over filling your bra. It’s marketed as being super slim and lightweight. Basically there’s a slit in the case which opens up to slip onto your clothes.
Simple. Clever. But does it work ?
Here’s my honest review …

  • The case is lightweight, slimline and it was super easy to click my phone into it.
  • The buttons, charging point, camera and headphone socket are all accessible.
  • The case is made of non-slip material which is great for me as when multi-tasking with kids and dog, I’m always dropping my phone!
  • It slips really easily onto any lycra waistband.
  • You can position it at your front, side or back depending on what suits you best. If it’s too far around the front, there’s the potential for your thighs to push it off, particularly if you’re cycling or rowing. Mine however hasn’t budged from the position in the photo.
  • Your phone is upside down when you put it on but that means you can glance down and your screen is the right way up. Perfect for checking whether you want to ignore that call.
  • You can forget about it. Once on, it feels surprisingly secure. Mine hasn’t fallen off or even loosened once.
  • You don’t need a running belt and you don’t have the annoyance of your phone jumping around in a jacket pocket.
  • Several weeks later, the case still looks new, there are no marks or scratches which is amazing considering the tough life I give my phones!


  • The case has a rim around it to give better protection to the phone. This means I have to use the tip of my finger or my nail to press the on/off and volume buttons. This hasn’t caused me any problems but if you have large fingers or no finger nails it may do.
  • It’s best suited to lycra or thin waistbands. It will slip onto my cotton trousers for example but not onto the leather belt on my jeans as it won’t open enough.
  • Once it’s on, it isn’t easy to get the phone out to change cases, but that’s ok as I don’t intend on switching cases anyway!

I love this case. My phone lives in it permanently now. I clip it onto my running gear and often my everyday clothes too. I’ve stopped searching through my drawer looking for a running top with a big enough pocket (there aren’t any!), I can just wear what I want. Slip it on and I’m good to go. It’s no more expensive than other good quality iPhone cases.
It’s solved what was an annoying problem in a simple way. Isn’t that what the best inventions are all about?
You can buy yourself a case BUT the kind folk at the Wonderful Things Factory have given me a Slim Clip Case to give away.  This is a great prize worth £30 ($40). All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below. Remember, the more options you complete, the greater your chance of winning.
Please note this competition is to win a Slim Clip Case suitable for an iPhone 5/5S/SE or 6/6S (not the plus size)
Good Luck!
Thank you to the Wonderful Things Factory who sent me a SlimClip Case for the purposes of this review. They didn’t send me instructions that I had to like it and the views in this review are entirely my own.
I can’t perform the gymnastic feats in this YouTube clip but it’s nice to know that if I could my phone still wouldn’t fall off. Watch here

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  1. I find my armband too uncomfortable for my iPhone6 so this seems like a perfect compromise! I went for a run this morning (our twitter exchange inspired me) and really I hate carrying my phone when running at the moment.

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