Team 261 Fearless Boston 2017

Hurray! Finally, I can officially share my news that I’ll be running the Boston Marathon in April 2017. I’m delighted to be running as part of Team 261 Fearless Boston. My regular readers will know all about my involvement with 261Fearless; a not-for-profit movement focused on using running as a means of empowerment for ALL women. I’m honoured to be working with Kathrine Switzer on her legacy and still pinching myself that I’ll be lining up on the start line of this iconic marathon with HER! It will be 50 years after she was the first woman to enter and run this race with a bib number (261) and 50 years since the race director tried to remove that number and stop her finishing. This was a pivotal moment in the history of women’s running and Kathrine has been one of its’ most passionate and effective advocates ever since.
I have to admit that Boston is a marathon I never dreamt I’d run; I’m way off meeting the qualifying times. I visited Boston for the first time this year to help train new 261Fearless club leaders and I absolutely loved it. It’s a beautiful city full of history and wonderful architecture You can read my blog here.
I went for a run up the famous Heartbreak Hill, just so it didn’t freak me out on the day. It was fine and I’m not threatened by it. It did help that I was with three other Fearless ladies but I’m from the NW of England and well used to hills!
261Fearless Heartbreak Hill Boston
…and so the marathon training begins. I don’t mind winter running. I missed it last year when I was book writing and decided not to do a spring marathon. I found it so much harder to motivate myself to get out and run. I’m best when I’ve got a goal and a plan. I’m toying with the  idea of trying to run Boston in the time that Kathrine ran it in 1967 which is 4 hours 20 minutes which would be a PB for me. The other part of me knows that running that marathon next year will be an incredible experience and I will want to soak up every single second of the atmosphere so I might not set a time target and just go and enjoy it. We’ll see.
Boston marathon finish line
For now I’ll just keep running and doing what I can to support #TEAM261FEARLESSBoston17 who are fundraising to help ensure the movement flourishes and reaches all women, including the most disempowered. I’ve seen running change lives and I know the power it has and the good it can do. If you want to donate to the team you can do so here. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much! All psyched up for a long run tomorrow and now think I’m coming down with something! Getting to the start line is often the hardest bit! Xx

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