This year has been a wonderful year on my blog. I’ve had the most visitors I’ve ever had since I created it eight years ago. I absolutely love having this little space on the internet where I can share things and hopefully help runners on their way.

Most of my website traffic comes from search engines. This is normal. It’s a reflection of what people are typing into their search bar and what they want to know. My next biggest referrer is Facebook, followed by Twitter and then Instagram.

So, what have you all been reading in 2022?

Here is a run down of my top ten most popular running and health blogs this year:

1. Quick Question: Can I take paracetamol and ibuprofen together? This is a post I wrote in 2018 and it just keeps on giving! I’m sure lots of people search online for this, whether they’re runners or not.

2. The Toxic Ten: What it is and how to get past it Every now and then my stats will boom and it’s usually due to this blog. I can see hundred and hundreds of readers coming from Facebook but I can never tell who has shared it there – if it’s you then thank you very much! I’ve had lots of feedback from runners thanking me for helping them to realise that it’s normal to find the first ten minutes of a run awful and it isn’t a reflection of their fitness.

3. Why do I feel cold after I run? Often my blogs are me investigating things I’m experiencing myself. As a runner who always gets absolutely freezing after I stop running, and carries a ridiculous amount fo clothes to races, this was one such topic. It seems many other runners experience it to and are looking for solutions.

4. Why do my eyes water when I run? Another issue lots of runners either struggle with or just put up with and then one day wonder why it’s happening. I love exploring the human body and what happens to it during and after running.

5. How to return to exercise after the flu Another golden oldie. I wrote this in 2018 and it always gets lots of hits. This was of course pre-Covid. If you’re looking for specific advice about returning to running after having Covid then read this blog I wrote for 261 Fearless.

6. Spitting and Running This is a popular blog. I explore why we seem to produce more saliva when we run and why that saliva is often harder to swallow.

7. Why do I feel faint after a run? Do you stop running and then feel light headed? Have you passed out on a finish line? This blog is for you.

8. Can I run straight after a cervical smear? This is the kind of question I love. One that runners have but no one has ever directly answered. Often there are no set rules or guidelines to unearth and that’s when I can pop on my ‘former-GP’ hat and really try to think logically and practically and come up with some tips.

9. Can running cause cystitis? Cystitis is miserable and so common. I explore whether running might increase your risk of cystitis or cystitis-like symptoms.

10. Quick Question: Why does my nose run when I exercise? One that the women at my running club experience all the time. The sniffing begins the minute we start stretching after our run. I’m thinking about buying a box of tissues just for run club!

That’s my top ten this year! It’s been a fun year of blogging and I’ve really enjoyed it. I hope you have too. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me. Have I written something that has helped you? Is there a blog of mine that made you change what you do? Let me know what your favourite has been. You can leave a comment here or on social media.

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t wait to share 2023 with you. Why not sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss a blog next year.

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

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