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This is number 15 in my Active Women series and there is no let up in the inspiration and motivation that I get from hearing the stories of these amazing women. I’d like to introduce Kerry Brown. I absolutely love the photo she sent me to go with her interview, this picture to me stands for excitement, freedom and a good bit of grit. Kerry first came to my attention in her stunning cover photo for Women’s Running magazine and I then followed her on Twitter and have been enjoying her posts and blog ever since. You can follow her too @ukrungirl and ukrungirl.com

When did you decide to start exercising regularly and why was that?

I’ve been exercising since a very young age. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and took part in predominantly ‘male’ sports.  The first sport I took part in was football.  I was the only girl on the team and the boys never used to pass to me.  I was very good at athletics at school but at that time I hated running. I then took up basketball at 14 and played for women’s national league, and a local Portsmouth division in a mixed team. I gave up at about age 34 and started running when I was 38!

What activities have you tried and what’s your favourite?

I’m always one to give new things a go. I’ve recently tried surfing and stand up paddling and realised that I had a knack for them.  I now have my own boards and try and get out on the water at the weekends.
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What has been the biggest barrier you’ve had to overcome in your fitness journey?

Injuries!!!!! I am a forefoot runner and I find that my calves and Achilles really take a battering.  The frustrating thing about this is that I have usually just got confident again with my pace and mileage and am then hit with an injury.  During this time, I still stay involved by volunteering at my local parkrun and run club.
drjulietmcgrattan.com #activewomen

 Have you had any negative comments and how have you dealt with them?

When I got into the London Marathon, my family couldn’t understand my excitement and why I wanted to do it.  There were a lot of comments about my age from friends who asked when I would be slowing down.  When I am physically unable to is my answer!

 What goals have you set and have you reached any of them yet?

To run a marathon  – which I achieved in April.  When I joined the Fareham Crusaders in 2013, I vowed never to take part in any races.  I now have two racks of medals and am so pleased with my achievements.  My next mission is to take on the Lochness in Scotland.  Oh and to run a half marathon – I’ve not actually done this yet!

What benefits has being active brought you?

I am much fitter and have more energy than my 17 year old nephew who doesn’t exercise! I have also found that the social aspects of being active and meeting people at classes at the gym and run club are absolutely amazing.  In fact, I have made some friends for life.

What advice would you give to other women who want to start exercising?

Quite simply, “What are you waiting for?”
drjulietmcgrattan.com #activewomen

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