It’s recap and reflection time! I love doing this! Mind you, I’m someone who has years and years of teenage diaries stashed away in the roof space. I’ve always liked journalling, reviewing my progress and goal setting. I think looking back on what you have achieved is so important. It’s also a great opportunity to remember and be grateful for experiences.

My running recap this year isn’t about performance, how many miles I’ve done or what PBs I’ve got. Running this year has been much more about using my running to help ME. When I look back, this year’s running has been about:

  • Where I’ve been
  • What I’ve seen
  • Who I’ve run with
  • How running has helped me to be creative
  • Using running to problem solve
  • Learning while I run with podcasts on my long run
  • Negotiating running after Covid-19
  • Using running to control perimenopausal symptoms
  • Enjoying running


I kicked off 2022 with a New Year’s Day parkrun in Lancaster. A few glasses of fizz and a late night are never the best run preparation but I’m impressed I got up and out. It was a great way to start the year.

I had a special run around Derwent Water in mid January with my husband. This was before we headed to my favourite hotel, Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa.


The running highlight of this month was running in Dumfries and Galloway. I’d only ever driven through before and was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the region. It’s perfect for running and despite being February we were lucky with the weather.


I finally caught Covid at the end of February so there was no running for me at all in March. I read a lot about returning to running after Covid and was so determined to do it gradually and avoid any potential increased risk of developing Long Covid. It was good for me to miss running. Nothing like not being able to do something to motivate you when you can restart.


April was all about the return to running. I started with short walks and then added in very short, very slow run sections. I really listened to my body. My heart rate was higher than I expected so I went even slower than I thought I should. I decided to focus on improving my running form and technique. It all went very smoothly and I eventually managed my first mile without stopping.


My Covid recovery felt complete by mid May and I was back to normal. This is one of my favourite months to run because I get to skip through the bluebells – literally. I ran in the bluebell woods this month more than I ever have before. I’m just aware how short the season is and I love it!

May also brought another running treat. Our annual visit to family in Portrush, Northern Ireland. I love running along the coast there. It’s so beautiful and running by the ocean with crashing waves makes such a change from my usual run locations. Of course it included the wonderful Portrush parkrun which is entirely on the sand.


I actually did a race in June! It was totally on impulse and I signed up on the day. I felt great and ran a brilliant 10k in Morecambe. Half of it was into a headwind so strong I felt like I was running on the spot.


This month was all about short runs with the dog (she loves to run but is less keen on going far now). I also got the chance to do a few runs with the 261 Fearless Master Coach team. We had a summit in London and I enjoyed exploring in and around Greenwich with these wonderful women from around the world.


This month was a real running treat. We headed to Montenegro as a family and I ran every other day along the promenade. Early morning 5k runs were far enough in the crazy heat and the joy of ending with a dip in the cold sea can’t be underestimated! I cherish these runs with my middle son and husband so much. Hot weather training worked as I came home and ran my fasted parkrun time of the year in Morecambe, also along a prom but about 20 degrees cooler! This was swiftly followed by a visit to Clitheroe parkrun aka a hill repeats session!


More running travel. I was working in Washington DC, leading a 261 Fearless Train the Trainer Course for a long weekend. The Club Director out there was so kind and took myself and another of our Master Coaches on a guided tour of DC. A run around all the main sights such as the Washington Monument and of course The Whitehouse. This was amazing, I felt so lucky!


At the start of the year I had mostly been doing my long runs on the Leeds Liverpool canal from Shipley while my daughter was dancing. Such a fantastic place to run. She was then accepted by the Northern Ballet in Leeds city centre so I began exploring a different part of the canal. I have been absolutely loving running along the Trans Pennine Trail from the city centre out into the country. It’s perfect for running, so much to look at and plenty of friendly runners to offer encouraging nods.


For a variety of reasons, in November I decided to enter a spring marathon for 2023. I’ll be running Manchester in April. I just needed and extra boost of motivation to keep me going through the winter. I figured with my lovely long runs on the TPT there wasn’t really a reason I couldn’t up my distances again. It seemed like a good idea at the time – let’s see!


A final running travel treat to finish the year. I headed to Vienna for a string of 261 Fearless Education Team meetings. Early runs by the Danube were perfect for getting the brain into gear ahead of the days at work. Such a stunning city and I adored exploring it, especially at Christmas.

Throughout the year I’ve also been kept going by my chatty runs with my friend Tamsin. We usually run together every week for a good life catch up. These runs mean so much to me. I have perfected the art of asking her an open question at the start of every hill. She’s fitter than me so I don’t feel at all bad about it! And of course, there’s my weekly run with 261 Club Lancaster. We now have four Coaches so I’m not always leading and can just enjoy the company of these fabulous women who make me so proud as I see their progress and determination to be healthier.

And that’s it. A look back at my running year. I absolutely know how blessed and lucky I am to have had so many varied and exciting running opportunities. I am so grateful.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring. All being well, my 11th marathon and who knows what else?!

I would love to hear about your running highlights from 2022. Do share in the comments or let me know on social media.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading this! You’ve run so many amazing places. I literally just run round the same streets at home and my home parkrun!
    Good luck for your marathon training and the Manchester marathon itself.

  2. This is such a good idea! My running year has been interrupted with Covid, perimenopause and h.pylori which has left me feeling that this year hasn’t been great. I’ll definitely be going back through the runs I’ve done this year and using those special ones to motivate me for next year.

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