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Join Us In Our Active Half Term Challenge

We’re at the start of half term week in this house. I know for some of you it’s not until next week. It’s February, it’s cold, windy, wet and generally pretty unenticing outside. I’m faced with a week of keeping my children occupied whilst trying to make sure they don’t spend too many hours on the PS4 or watching YouTube. I need to fit in some work. I also need to fit in my own exercise as I’m training for the Manchester Marathon. I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I also want them to have a fun half term!

I know how important exercise is for children. I’m setting us a challenge. We’re going to have an #activehalfterm. We’re going to make sure that we do more exercise than the recommended guidelines every day. Everyone is going to keep track of how many minutes they do and we’ll see how many different activities we can include.

Here are the current Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines for children age 5 – 18 years. For this week only I will pretend I’m 17 😉


So, every day we need 60 minutes of activity that makes us feel out of breath and a bit warm. On three days we need muscle and bone strengthening activities and we need to reduce our ‘lounging’.

The children, age 10, 12 and 14 aren’t awake yet and know nothing of this plan! I’m hoping they’ll be up for it!

We’ll make a vlog to share at the end of the week. Thankfully middle son is a whizz at editing!  I’ll be posting #activehalfterm photos on Twitter  Instagram and Facebook. You can join in too by sending me your photos on social media and commenting on this blog. Don’t forget to use the hashtag. Let’s make this half term an #activehalfterm.

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