Nuu Muu running dress

This is a long overdue post and before you ask, no, it’s not sponsored! I just have to write about and share my most favourite piece of running kit ever. My Nuu Muu dresses.
My love affair began 2 years ago when a friend tweeted saying she was going to a wedding and wanted to run while she was away. She was limited for luggage space so we joked about just running in her dress and glamming it up with heels in the evening. I decided to Google running dresses and see what was around. It was love at first sight when I saw the Nuu Muus and as my birthday was coming up I put in my request to the main present buyer.
I really wasn’t sure how it would fit or feel and whether I would feel confident running in it. I was so delighted when I popped it on, it fitted like a glove and was flattering and comfortable. I couldn’t wait to get out running. I wasn’t disappointed. These dresses not only look great they perform well too. It almost seems too good to be true that what feels like a really nice fashion item is top notch sportswear.
Woman running in Nuu Muu dress
They’re very flexible. I layer them up with thermal tops and running tights in the winter. In the summer I wear them solo with a pair of shorts underneath or just my undies- they don’t ride up, honestly!
They’re incredibly comfortable, even over marathon distance they don’t chaff around the armpits. The Ruu Muu design have a pocket on the back for your keys etc and I always choose this style.
Saucony trainers, running kit for holiday
The fabric is smooth and stretchy. It washes well and dries in a flash. They pack away to nothing so are ideal for holidays. I love it when my entire running kit fits inside my trainers! Actually, on holiday I’ve worn them as a fashion piece as the prints are stunning, they’re cool in the heat and easy to launder too. They’re not just for running; they team up well with cycling shorts for the bike and are stretchy enough for any exercise class.

Juliet McGrattan in Nuu Muu women's running dress
Dr Juliet McGrattan

I know they’re a little pricey but we all like to splash out on a new frock occasionally and you definitely wear these more than once. I have three, two have been presents (one hinted at and one a complete surprise, thanks hubby!) and the third I got in the sale. It felt so nice to put on a new dress for my latest race, it was a special occasion worthy of such frivolity.
Women's marathon Palma Mallorca Nuu Muu runnign dress
I always get so many nice comments whenever I wear a Nuu Muu. People asking where I bought it and saying they’ve never seen anything like it. Other runners have been known to type Nuu Muu into their mobiles or write it on the back of their hands for later purchases. I stumbled across these by chance and now they form the basis of my running wardrobe and I just can’t get enough of them! Thanks Nuu Muu.
You can buy direct from Nuu Muu in the USA (you’ll get charged duty) but they’re also on sale at Minx. I’m saving for another but which lovely print shall I choose?…..
running dress Nuu Muu

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  1. Ooh, LOVE these! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of them before – such a good idea. I often combine a run with the stroller with going to the shops or the playground – these would be great for that. Thanks for introducing them to me!

  2. I remember thinking how great you looked in the pictures of the marathon but hadn’t really registered what you were actually wearing. These dresses look amazing! My running outfits are all very old and tired, perhaps if I can keep it up I’ll treat myself!

  3. I just bought a Nuu Muu and love it. Problem is, I am having a hard time finding what to wear under it. I want shorts, not capri’s. What shorts do you prefer?

    1. I agree, I much prefer the dress with shorts (when it’s warm enough here!) I have 2 pairs I like. One is a pair of Nike ones which are pretty short and I’m not sure I’d have the courage to wear them without the dress! The other is my EVB shorts (I chatted to the founder here They pull me in in all the right places and they’re slightly longer but still not quite visible under the dress. Have you got the same neckline as my dresses or the newer vest top? I haven’t tried that style yet as I just love the original shape.

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